BAY-1-type chamber plate and frame filter press

BAY-1-type chamber, plate and frame filter press (reinforced polypropylene)

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    Product introduction

      The use of advanced compression molding, using a variety of materials, specifications, varieties Qi, more reasonable, more economical, adapted to the various feeding modes, temperature, pressure. Type BAY-1 and type BAY-2 van, using polypropylene plate-and-frame filter press filter plate and the filter frame, the filter plate adopts a conical protruding point design, molding, large filtering area, fast filter speed, filtration cycle short, improve work efficiency, and can be applied to a variety of filter media, suitable for a variety of feed temperature and pressure.

    Main uses
    This machine is used widely, applicable to all kinds of suspension of the solid-liquid separation, polypropylene material characteristics as non-toxic, suitable for pharmaceutical, food industry hygiene requirements, the acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, especially suitable for the corrosion of chemical product filtration. The use of different filter media, covering all areas of industrial filter.

    Technical parameters