BAS-1-type chamber, plate and frame filter press

BAS-1-type chamber, plate and frame filter press (reinforced polypropylene)





     Reinforced polypropylene filter plates

    Filtration area: 4-10 square meters
    Filtration pressure:≤0.3Mpa

           Various sizes
    A variety of feed washing form
    Applicable to a variety of industries

           The use of advanced compression molding
    Using a variety of materials
    Specifications, varieties Qi, more reasonable, more economical
    To adapt to a variety of feeding mode, temperature, pressure


    Product introduction

      BAS-1 type plate and frame filter is a kind of small volume, high precision, multipurpose general, practical filter suitable for various liquid materials preliminary filtration, half fine filter, filtration, and sterilization of microfiltration purification and filtration process
    Technical advantages
    Filter plate with reinforced polypropylene manufacturing, a molding, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, no color, fit a variety of filter cloth, filter, filter, filter media, applicable to a variety of feed liquid of different precision, levels of purification, filtration, filter can be repeatedly used, low cost
    Main uses

      The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, beer, beverage, oil, chemical, environmental protection, electroplating filter.

    Technical parameters