CXAS-2-type chamber frame filter

CXAS-2-type chamber frame filter (stainless steel)

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      Large volume. This machine adopts the widening filtering frame, so that the filtering volume is increased, not only applicable to the raw material liquid clarification filtration, but also is suitable for the raw slag filtering and high viscosity liquid filter.

      Large flow. By widening the filter frame and convex point type filter plate combination of the new frame structure, input part adopts a dual input structure, the filtering area, volume and flow volume increased significantly, and the liquid arbitrary flow does not stay dead, enhanced liquid filter stability, compared with similar products, the filtration efficiency is doubled. High-precision. The machine according to the different processes by filter liquid ( initial filter, a fine filter, precision filter ), the replacement of different filter ( filter paper, asbestos filter plate, edge coating cloth, sterilized cardboard ), make it suitable for the needs of production, can also be combined with activated carbon, silicon bath soil and add the system of flexible application, can make the filter precision reach the optimum state. Strong sterilization. The machine can replace the pasteurization process sterilization, thus better able to retain the material liquid properties, liquid high clarity, so that the filtering quality are effectively guaranteed.

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