NLD-Y type multiple effect distilled water machine combination device

NLD-Y-type multi-effect distilled water machine combination device (spiral structure




    Product The first permanent spring brand type NLD-Y spiral within the multiple effect distilled water machine (spiral structure) combined device is composed of condenser, pump, reflux pipeline, inner screw multiple effect distilled water machine, distilled water storage tank, electric control boxes and other components, the combined device is the biggest advantage of users can omit the distilled water machine installation program, improve work efficiency, and has the advantages of small occupied area, cost savings, the overall appearance, easy to operate features such as.
    Project requirements
    n 1, 0.3-0.5Mpa dry saturated industrial steam
    2、feed water pressure for more than industrial steam high pressure 0.2Mpa
    3、feed water requirements for deionized water or reverse osmosis water, no silica, chlorine, amine and volatile substances.
    4、In 4, the total hardness must be less than 5doF, the pressure is 0.2Mpa
    5、the power supply requirements, according to customer requirements.
    6、dry, oil free compressed air, the minimum pressure of 0.6Mpa.