NJZ type countercurrent falling film evaporator concentrates (three- effect)
NJZcountercurrent falling film evaporator concentrates (three- effect)

5455735490962406.GIFProduct structure

   This machine adopts three-countercurrent falling film evaporation process concentrates from three falling film evaporator, three gas-liquid separator, five liquid circulation pump and two sets of U-tube condenser and a condensate tank components.

Product introduction

   By the company and Dalian Institute of technology jointly developed by NJZ series countercurrent falling film condensation evaporator is pharmaceutical equipment in the high-tech products, its outstanding advantage is able to realize continuous operation and multiple solution of low concentration, and supporting the use of Chinese medicine extraction device, can be high concentration effluent.

Working principle
The evaporator adopts falling film evaporator, the solution into the top of the inlet chamber, by the distributor will be assigned to the solution of the average heat transfer tube, and in the inner wall of the tube to form a continuous downward flow of liquid film. The solution is heated to evaporate, evaporation from two steam tube along the center and the pipe wall with downward flow, and flows into the lower part of the evaporator of the separation chamber, the steam and liquid medicine in this isolated. Liquid into the pump entrance, steam enters the separator further removing entrained droplets. The first effect after separation of steam as heating steam in the use efficiency of second, second effect after separation of steam as heating steam in the use efficiency of third, third. Two steam condenser. For the two time in the steam to be fully utilized, so the three effect evaporator steam consumption for single effect 1/3. Solution flow and steam instead, first into effect third. Second, in effect, the first effect, concentrated liquid discharged from the first effect.

Dynamic principle  

  Product features

  Evaporation process scientific and rational, efficient, evaporator memory liquid quantity and small, fast start, solution along the tube wall dirty, no hydrostatic fluid column pressure drop and the effective temperature difference caused by the loss, low evaporation temperature. Can be both a effect, and can also be two effect and three effective combination, the user can be selected according to different requirements. Concentration ratio of major, can get the high concentration of 1.3-1.35 discharge liquid, can be disposable into a paste. The evaporation speed, to ensure that the supporting extraction, filtering the dilute liquid on concentration. The evaporation process in the liquid film and the two evaporation boundaries, but not in the wall of the tube, it is not easy to fouling and slagging, no dead angle. Two steam and liquid membrane with the direction of dirty, steam flushing and squeeze film, even in the presence of the bubble, is extruded into liquid and liquid into steam, such as crystalline particles when will be flushed down into the bottom of the steam separation space. Falling film evaporator, less foam produced, and two steam along the tangential direction into the separator, under the action of centrifugal force so that the liquid vapor is thoroughly separated, so the steam liquid less, not easy to run material, material recovery rate is high. Liquid membrane by its own gravity flow, and the steam to carry down, higher concentrations of viscous solution can be obtained in the pipe evaporation, high discharge liquid concentration. The evaporator is continuous countercurrent operation, from third effect in dilute solution, concentrated liquid from the first effect from the first effect, high temperature, viscosity reduction, is helpful in getting the high concentration of discharged liquid. Products rational structure, advanced, heater, separator, preheater with external thermal insulation structure. This product all overflow part is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, non-toxic heat-resistant silicone rubber, plastics and other materials, to ensure drug production to achieve GMP certification and standards of food hygiene. 。

Main Technical parameters


Main uses 
The products are mainly used in Chinese and Western pharmaceutical, biochemical pharmacy, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, health drinks, food, chemical industry, light industry and other industries of the liquid material vacuum low temperature evaporation concentration process, can also be applied to organic solvents ( e.g. alcohol) material and solvent recovery, especially for the low temperature evaporation concentration sensitivity to drugs.