New stainless steel sanitary centrifugal pump
New stainless steel sanitary centrifugal pump

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    Product introduction  

      According to GMP requirements of the design, the use of advanced semi open impeller, pump shell and the export of precision caused by type. The sealing part adopts silicon rubber sealing ring, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, seventy percent off clamping ring connecting fastening sealing, convenient disassembling cleaning.

    Technical advantages

      The new structure, corrosion resistance, small volume, easy disassembly.

    Main uses

      Applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, water treatment, petroleum and chemical industries.

    Matters needing attention

      Conveying fluid may not be associated with any impurities and solid material permeability and, to avoid damage to the impeller. When the motor starts, the direction of impeller in the counterclockwise direction. The pump can be equipped with explosion-proof motor.

    Technical parameters