New stainless steel gear pump
New stainless steel gear pump


    Product introduction
      Yongquan" brand new stainless steel gear pump, the first of the domestic product, the pump head parts are made of stainless steel, in the pump two sealing parts are installed a silicon rubber sealing ring, blocking the liquid material and graphite packing contact, no impurities. Debugging and operation of import and export of flexible, convenient installation, long service life. With the pollution prevention, corrosion prevention effect. ( various types of acid-base solution pH value and general contact do not produce corrosion ), the indicators in line with the GMP requirements

    Technical advantages

      The new structure, small volume, high pressure, high lift, good accuracy. Main uses

     Main uses
      Applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical, daily fine chemical, paint, grease brewing industry.




    Technical parameters



    Use: 1, the delivery of liquid with solid impurity is strictly prohibited any participation, so as not to damage the gear.

                      2、In 2, the factory can provide a single pump head and a motor with a unit, in order to facilitate the users to choose.