RO reverse osmosis equipment

RO reverse osmosispurification equipment

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    Product introduction 

    This company produces the RO reverse osmosis purification equipment with high efficient and energy saving reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, purifying and desalting rate amounts to 98% above, need not be regenerated, is beneficial to environmental protection, and can realize automatic operation and remote monitoring




    Technical parameters

    1、the water inlet pressure: 2.8MPa
    2、inlet water temperature: 10 ~ 30
    3、pH value scope: 4.87.0
    4、the water impurity particle diameter not larger than 10 microns
    5、the water pollution index ( SDI ) less than or equal to 4
    6、the water residual chlorine 0.20.5mg / L


    Product features

      Reverse osmosis technology is dependent on the pressure greater than the osmotic pressure effect, the capillary action through the membrane filtration process.

      Reverse osmosis treatment process includes three parts: pretreatment, membrane module connection technology and after treatment. Pre treatment process also known as pretreatment process, its purpose is to improve the treated water, to prevent the water pollution caused by the pollutants on the membrane, extending the service life of membrane, the running cost is reduced. Membrane module connected mode: normally divided into level and multi stage connection ( divided into a multistage ), the so-called level refers to feed through a pressure membrane separation, two grade separation by two times pressure for membrane separation. After treatment process: membrane through the water and fresh water, namely the pressurized water through reverse osmosis membrane, because the film cannot be 100% interception all organic material and inorganic material, therefore through the water must have some ions and gas, such as Na +, HCO3 -, CO2, etc., such as for high water should also be further the use of ion exchange, deoxygenation tower process as through water after treatment. BR>