LCZ pure steam generator

LCZ-typewithout hot pure steam generator



    Product introduction

      LCZ type super pure pyrogen-free steam generator, selects the high quality stainless steel, the steam inlet pipe, raw water pump, evaporator, heater with spiral separating system, in strict accordance with the International Pharmacopoeia and GMP standards for the design and manufacture, the device can be used for industrial steam for heating, can also be used for water heating, widely used in medical and health, biological pharmaceuticals, exhibits apparatus and various production lines of sterilization and disinfection, can effectively prevent the pyrogen and pure metal impurity pollution




    Technical parameters


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    Structure characteristics

    Pure steam generator comprises two parallel made column:
    Double shell seamless Guan Weisheng clean type exchanger.
    n addition to pollution column.
    All equipment AISl316L stainless steel. Column and exchanger surface after the standard procedure for the pickling and passivation treatment.
    The pharmaceutical grade polytetrafluoroethylene ( Torlon ) gasket materials.
    All components are mounted on a sturdy stainless steel stents, and can be very convenient to disassembly and assembly.
    Mineral wool insulation, covering the surface of AISI 304 stainless steel satin and polished protection layer.