SJZT type triple water for injection machine

SJZT type triple water for injection machine

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    Product introduction

      The company is in reference on the basis of foreign advanced technology, devote themselves to the development of type SJZT three in water for injection machine, is a domestic innovative products, it will produce water for injection, pure steam and macromolecule separation technology such as technology com. With energy-saving, low consumption, high efficiency, low cost, small bacterial endotoxin significant advantages, is the replacement of multiple effect distilled water machine is the ideal equipment, in line with the GMP certification requirements.

    Control mode
    A microcomputer system, fully automatic air
    Two, intelligent instrument automatic control
    Three, automatic control
    In four, the manual control

    Main uses
      This machine can be widely applied in Chinese and Western pharmaceutical, biochemical pharmacy, veterinary medicine, food, beverage, oral liquid, beverage, brewing, water treatment, electronics, petrochemical, corrosion prevention, environmental protection and other industries, which can extract water for injection, and can extract pure steam, but also on the liquid polymer separation

    Technical advantages
    Energy saving. This machine is not an evaporator, but the introduction of foreign advanced polymer separation technology, instead of evaporator removing pyrogen ( endotoxin ), the machine without cooling water, raw water recovering rate up to 99%. Low consumption. As the machine is only a small amount of steam heating water for injection, steam consumption is only 1/10 of distilled water machine, this machine does not need to be equipped with large capacity fuel oil or coal fired boiler, the machine can be configured to electrically heated boiler, water for injection can adopt the electric heating boiler heating, the injection water is heated to 95 degrees to 98 degrees. Meet the requirement. In addition to the pyrogen ( endotoxin ) effect is better. Distilled water machine of removing pyrogen indicator for 0.125Eu / ml, the machine of removing pyrogen indicator of up to 0.1Eu / ml, in line with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2000 edition injection water requirements. The implementation of computer configuration is full automatic control, high degree of automation, selection of imported brand-name accessories.