CXAS-3 closed heating chamber filter press

CXAS-3 closed heating chamber, a plate and frame filter press ( stainless steel, titanium)


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    Product introduction
        CXAS-3 closed heating stainless steel plate and frame filter press van ( adopt high-quality stainless steel materials from ) is the company in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology products on the basis of the development of a new generation of filtration equipment. The product has reached the international advanced level, is a raw material liquid, the raw slag, high viscosity material filtration sterilization ideal filtering equipment.

     Technical advantages
    Filtration of high viscosity materials. Especially in high viscosity oil filter materials, heated by the steam, so that the viscous material is smooth filtering, to the satisfaction of the filtering effect. Volume can be big or small. The machine can be used in ordinary frame filter, filter frame and can be widened, so that the filtering volume by the user according to the needs of different filter frame to regulate, such as selection and broad frame filter filter volume will increase, not only applicable to the raw material liquid clarification filtration, but also applicable to the raw slag filter, and high viscosity materials liquid filter. Flow can be big or small. This machine adopts the common filter box or widening filtering frame and convex point type filter plate combination of the new frame structure, input part adopts a dual input structure, the filtering area, volume and flow with different filter box was increased or decreased accordingly, and the liquid arbitrary flow does not stay dead, enhanced the stability of liquid filter, compared with similar products, the filtration efficiency is doubled. Precision can be thick thin. The machine according to the different processes by filter liquid ( initial filter, a fine filter, precision filter ), the replacement of different filter ( filter paper, filter cloth, sterilized cardboard ), adapting the filtering precision is needed, you can also cooperate with the activated carbon, silicon bath soil and add the system of flexible application, can make the filter body precision to achieve the best state.
     Standard frame technical parameters