Ningbo father and son opened luxury cars obstructing the police arrested a concussion labeled
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       It is learned that Ningbo Yongquan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 15 am, in the Ningbo Yinzhou People's Hospital, North Gate, a guy driving the Land Rover SUV certain imports from out of the hospital, was stopped after the beat security, but also take the rejection stick hit the security room. Was brought to police, his father opened a small group of Mercedes-Benz cars rob people. Father and son fight the police.

Father came to get people, father and son insulted the police.

Yellow police officer was beaten was diagnosed with mild concussion. At present, this father and son has been in administrative detention.

Pass through the security guy hit Room

Father, father and son came to open Mercedes-Benz hit twice obstructing police arrested father and son

30-year-old Pharaoh is Ningbo Yinzhou People's Hospital of security. Master Wang said, 15 am, he was in the hospital room north gate security on duty. Quick 11 points, the one "Zhejiang BJ999" license plate to the red Land Rover opened the door, horn signal to go out.

Master Wang and two other persons on duty security, indicating that the vehicle is imported, can not go out. Land Rover cars still can not move, could not call speaker.

Master Wang said, the car horn sounded about tens of seconds, a young man more than 1.8 meters tall, and stormed down from the car. He will be out of the booth to explain. Young man off the curse, but also to push the king master hands, his head and chest in front of the punch. Guy hit the door monitoring process is shot down. Reporters from the surveillance video to see the other two security pulled the two men. Turned out a guy thrown from the car stick, king master hid in the security room, locked the door, bang doors stick guy to take rejection.

Master Wang said, young man put down the last sentence "You wait, find someone to get you", to a parking card and five dollars on the floor, take the car to the exit.

Father came to open Mercedes-Benz

10:58 After receiving the alarm, police officers and a yellow Baizhang station to catch the Police Association in the past.

To the site to ask the situation, security, said he was beaten, the guy did not speak. Yellow police officer asked if he could reconciliation, young man said: "I will not go with you, I'll wait for my dad." Then the crowd of twenty or thirty people, everyone booing, said: "Your father is Li Gang ah."

Guy in the side of the phone. Yellow police officers decided to back the police station first person to say, put the guy to bring a police vehicle. At this time, the crowd suddenly out of a middle-aged man, claiming to be guy father.

Security across the site after that man is open to the Mercedes-Benz S600 cars.

Father and son fight police twice

Yellow police said the father of guy to get people up on. "He Lakaijumen, pulled out his son, and said" go to any police station, we do not have to! "I get off the man stopped, the man grabbed his hand on my neck, his son took the opportunity to come out, rushing from the side hit my head, I was down."

Yellow police officers after the first fall, father and son to leave the swagger.

"I get up, they go on the block. Both of them hit me, I had to use pepper spray, the result is more important to start with a father and son." Yellow police officer second down.

Fortunately, when there are other police arrived, the father and son control.

Unexpectedly, the man suddenly fell to the ground, and cried, "the police beat." Yellow police officer said that fortunately the scene many people, some shouting "Do not loaded, and we are all here watching the" father and son was honest on the floor of the police car.

Yellow police officers talk, Sister Chan reporter from witnesses, and other people in a small chapter has been confirmed.

Obstructing his son arrested

Reporters learned from a reliable way, beat guy called Luke Qi, 23 years old, studying in the United Kingdom. His father Luming Fu, 49, is a construction company manager, or the next street to be the village party secretary Jiang six.

Yellow police officer said he still dizzy, retching, the hospital diagnosis of "mild concussion."

Police said a small land intentional assault, obstructing, administrative detention for 15 days; old land obstructing, administrative detention for 10 days. The next step to see yellow police officers dealing with the injury, if the injuries, according to the law may be turned into a criminal punishment.