How to solve water purification equipment and solutions portfolio
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       The following text is Yongquan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ningbo organize for you a series of water purification equipment solutions:

Water purification equipment in the function of each module:

1 of the original water tank, function: the raw water storage system, the water from the regulatory role of impurities in the water also play a role in the precipitation.

(2) sand filter, function: preliminary removal of water and sediment, impurities such as suspended solids and other particles to reduce water turbidity.

3 carbon filter, function: the use of carbon adsorption principle of adsorption color, odor, chlorine, etc.

4 water softener, function: the use of replacement water softener resin adsorption of calcium and magnesium ions, reducing the water hardness.

5 Security filter function: to prevent large particles of impurities into the reverse osmosis membrane, resulting in membrane damage, protecting the reverse osmosis membrane.

7 RO host function: mainly through reverse osmosis filtration, to produce pure water purposes.

8 two pure water tank, function: storing RO water systems provide water for the posterior segment.

9.EDI system function: the EDI electrodeionization device further enhanced to ensure that water systems meet water quality standards.

10 multi-effect distillation unit, function: by way of manufacturing electric heating distilled water for injection.

Corey water purification equipment solutions and design advantages

1 set of automatic control system of purified water to ensure long-term stable operation, easy to operate;

(2) water purification system uses stainless steel configuration, stable, beautiful;

3 using two-stage reverse osmosis system, equipped with a water softener, and is equipped with special salt boxes;

4 ultra-low pressure can be imported Hyde reverse osmosis, desalination rate, long life, stable operation, energy consumption by 20%;

5 RO system with automatic control of the main components of imported components, high stability, simple operation;

6.EDI system uses a voltage regulation system to ensure water quality and stability;

7.EDI system is equipped with special concentration of the water flow switch to prevent blockage of water channels due to thick stack of membrane damage

8 by the Canadian Canpure membrane reactor, stable performance, long life, through the expertise to ensure the EDI system downtime or downtime when short-term water quality remained stable;

9.EDI meter imported from Germany de Bao brand with magnetic rotameter, can prevent the concentration of the water channel blockage due to equipment failure or other causes of non-concentrated fish water damage to the membrane reactor;

10 is equipped with multiple-level UV, equipped with ozone sterilization system;

11 with water protection and high and low pressure protection device and other security features;

12 All hosts with man-machine interface is controlled by PLC automatic completion of the main components of imported components, high stability, simple operation;

13 two tank mirror stainless steel water tank, good looks;

14 the use of purified water and sterile water for injection, special tanks, and equipped with heating, LCD level meter, rotary cleaning function;

15 thematic material used in all international brands within the industry, quality and quantity, according to the best configuration design.

According to the current GMP certification and the requirements of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, water purification equipment, the overall design of all-stainless steel, seamless welded pipe welding, can be endoscopic test.

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