Ningbo small basket base eager to "agricultural superpower" docking
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       It is learned that Ningbo Yongquan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Ningbo basket of goods at present are mostly small and medium base, its small size and the planting of too few products supplied to supermarket sales of products brought into difficulty -

Ningbo Municipal Government in accordance with the relevant planning requirements, "five-second" period, 90% of the basket of goods Ningbo supply base to achieve the Farm, the main food basket of goods into the major supermarket sales ratio reached 40%.

Farm commodity basket will help improve quality and reduce the basket of goods circulation, so that the people get benefits. But Ningbo basket of goods, mostly small and medium base, its small size and the planting of too few products supplied to supermarket sales of products brought into difficulty.

Small base of how to successfully catch the Farm "through train", as government departments, supermarkets and growing base of three much-needed break a problem.

Supermarket: keen to produce direct

National Day holiday, China Resources Vanguard Supermarket and fruit and vegetable agricultural cooperatives Cixi Zhihai docking of a large number of fall vegetables listed, only 3.6 yuan per kilogram, nearly a dollar cheaper than the markets. In Ningbo, such as Vanguard sold by big Farm "the people food" supermarket everywhere. According to the City Board of Trade statistics, operating eight supermarkets in both Ningbo and Ningbo municipal supply base for the establishment of a basket of goods Farm relationship. Sanjiang supermarkets, for example, since 2006, has been established in Ningbo Farm base for dozens of daily sales of domestic leafy vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry and aquatic species have more than 300 tons of sales in 1200.

Farm fresh products will help to reduce the circulation, reduce logistics costs and improve freshness dishes, dishes to reduce the price. According to reports, the direct supply of agricultural products from farms supermarket, the retail price of at least 15%. In addition, the Farm also conducive to achieving quality basket of goods from farms to the table of process monitoring, to improve the safety of food consumption.

Base: Difficult into supermarket sales

National Day this year, Ningbo-day fruit and vegetable farming cooperatives wins ZHU Sheng, general manager of the sea has been in the planning phase of extension work. As the current size of 1,000 acres of planting can not guarantee continuity of supply of agricultural products and the diversity of species, the ecological vegetable cooperatives has not got into the supermarket sales of "pass." Although supermarkets are keen Farm, Ningbo City, but got the "pass" less than one third of the base. The reasons for the establishment of the threshold with the supermarket are not unrelated.

Select the main consideration supermarket docking base for three reasons, first, the scale planting base, and second, supply capacity and the third is product quality. The basket of goods supply base in Ningbo to small and medium-based, its limited production capacity and product quality of its products into the supermarkets, the success rate.

City Board of Trade statistics show that 120 base in the city's large base of 25, including more than 5,000 acres of vegetable base 11, 100 million birds over the Egg and Poultry base 11, three acres of aquaculture farmers, the rest were for small and medium base, many of them several acres of small-scale base. Because the bases are small, more scattered distribution, uniform planting guide to the supermarket and purchase it difficult, so now select the docking base in Ningbo supermarkets, the less considered small base.

Government: power base "ride"

Ningbo basket commodity base to face the facts, the municipal government formulated policies to help them as soon as possible to catch the Farm "through train." First, the implementation of the policy of agricultural land for construction of storage facilities, to encourage local governments to arrange funds to support the fresh plant scale agricultural production base; the second is to broaden the investment and financing channels, increase base of fresh investment in agricultural infrastructure, and on the chain farmer cooperatives to apply for loans to provide technical guidance; third is to increase the chain of commercial enterprises and farmers cooperatives, training, strengthening the base of supermarkets and technical cooperation to help the production base of marketable fresh produce.

It is understood that this year, the Municipal Trade Bureau and relevant departments to deploy Farm pilot project, exploring the facts of Ningbo local Farm mode.

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