Companies have created their own brand of "Ningbo filled" ushered in the Mood for Love
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       Last night, the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival Closing Ceremony cum bird of peace through the night in the South Garden International Hotel, fashionable, trendy clothing through the wonderful interpretation of the model, brings a memorable visual feast. Southeast Chinese Commercial News reporters Wang Zeng and Fang She

Yesterday, the 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival come to an end. According to the Organizing Committee of Statistics, as a core activity CHIC Fashion Festival, exhibitors this year, essentially flat with last year, but the number of participating brands is greatly increased, Ningbo Fashion Festival to become the best platform to showcase the brand, mainly export-oriented Ningbo garment enterprises have embarked on creating their own brand.

Old and brand new collective bloom

Service at Bo, Ningbo own clothing brand, including new brand of collective bloom, so exceptionally professional traders participating attention. Younger clothing's YOUNGOR, GY, HANP Daquan series, six clothing brand for the first time in the show extravaganza. Peiluo loaded into the correct display of this year's "habit", in addition to introduce the young to meet the 25 to 35-year-old consumer groups "Peiluo into cowboy" casual clothing, but also launched a new "Peiluo into a" brand series of high-end casual business attire, the creation of "Zhuo Yang Joyum" online shopping clothing brand.

In the women's field, Pacific birds, Feige, De Mana, STEVE & VIVIAN, ESback, Dan can rhyme, when the United States and other flowers CHIC for the first time in the establishment of "women's fashion museum" collective debut, demonstrates the Ningbo garment industry is now has "nei." SV, ESback, De Mana and other fashion clothing brand, attracting a large number of agents or customers requirements to join.

Ningbo also has a new children's clothing brand display, including a break, Bobby Lele, spring shoots son, etc., which Bobby Lele attracted around 25 franchisees, rallied off a children's intention to receive 25 million yuan of domestic orders, on-site 12 franchise contract, the intention to join as many as 50. It is understood that the initial formation of children's clothing brands get together Ningbo development team, has more than 20 own brand children's clothing business.

Service at Bo, called "MAXWIN" brand has attracted a lot of people's attention. This is the country's largest knitwear company Shenzhou International Group invested $ 186 million to create sportswear for men and women and children's clothing brand. Shenzhou in the world famous brand such as Nike continues to OEM the same time, began to enter the higher-margin domestic market. The end of September this year, the Group's Ma Wei dress out at the Century Plaza Ningbo Dongfang first "Ma Wei" brand stores. Under the plan, within two years, Ma Wei clothing will be opened only in Shanghai for more than 20 brand retail stores.

It is understood, including the leading textile machinery, "Chee Sing," tooling players "Jian Te", etc., have also joined the ranks of creating its own brand, Bo was serving in the current show and runway shows. Ningbo garment industry men, women and children go hand in hand, a balanced development pattern is taking shape.

Brand aimed at the domestic market

Women, first established in the museum this year, Ningbo Garments Co., Ltd. exhibited all together BIKBOK own brand women's fashion, this brand new year, the company's own brand, positioning consumer groups 18 to 35 year-old female. Majoring in the company's general manager Kim is a woman, 10 years engaged in foreign trade. "Now, raw materials, labor costs are rising, the company received orders for increasingly slim profit margins of foreign trade and domestic market potential, have obvious advantages, while we had to do foreign trade, while domestic sales turn around to do." Payment Yan'er told reporters that the company the second half of last year, did not try to do domestic sales, in the Shing Square out of a store.

The same fashion as the full cooperation from the foreign market the brand to do to get out and hit the domestic garment enterprises as well. Baina also intend to knit this year's "return" of the domestic market, its own brand children's clothing "baina" Bo in the service at the show, I did not expect to be a large chain supermarket enterprise in Shandong spotted, the company bought $ 100,000 children's clothing. Cabernet's own-brand children's clothing also will enter the chain's more than 20 supermarkets.

"Do domestic, did not own the brand really can not." Cabernet knitting Chen Guoping, general manager told reporters that the company knitted, woven garments can be produced, from the year before also formed his own design team, with a dozen brands in conditions, it launched a brand strategy is also aimed at the domestic market, ready to open its first stores in the end.

宁波赛曼蒂 Garments Co., Ltd. is a production of woolen products, plush knitwear-based business, sales income of less than 10 million yuan last year, but the general manager of Zhong Qiuxiang also play their own brand of determination. "Getting smaller and smaller profit margins abroad, preached the domestic market rise, the purchasing power increases, the demand level is also improving, especially with the individual needs considerable development." Zhongqiu Xiang said.

Analysis of the industry, after long Feige Group Ningbo, Ai Sheng, pioneer clothing brands trying to embark on the road. In raw materials, labor costs continued to rise, changes in exchange rates and other market "Forced", the Ningbo garment enterprises will usher in the climax of a creative license.

Find a good entry point for brands to play

So many businesses flock to own brand of the road, obviously, the future competition in the domestic market will become increasingly fierce. And for most who used the foreign trade enterprises in Ningbo, the shape the brand is a very strange thing, how they win?

"Doing the brand, the key is to find the incision, to find the clothing of the soul." Adjunct professor at Tsinghua University, Zhang Zhe, for example, everything is profit women's play the "soft women" slogan, is Hangzhou silk is cut, the more successful.

"In the future, deciding the fate of not in the traditional sense of the scale, but the enterprise is to stand on the basis of the new technology system, did receive the value of technological innovation and its own brand value." Fashion Festival Organizing Committee Office in the current Executive Vice Director, Deputy Director of City Commission by letter Zhou Xueming view, only to seize the core of innovation, Ningbo garment industry to change in the global supply chain in the low-end cross-border location, access to higher added value.

"Developing a brand, you need to design, logistics, warehousing, retail and other aspects of the terminal to work hard, not just aimed at the manufacturing sectors." Ningbo Garment Association, the experts believe that the brand clothing enterprises have more to do design development and marketing. At present the domestic clothing brand names, consumer apparel brands will rise to cultural consumption, careful positioning and high added value, worthy of those just starting a small clothing enterprises learn. "To clothing products, clothing companies do, we must precise positioning, not biting off more than big."

Interview 15th Ningbo International Fashion Festival Organizing Committee Office of Deputy Executive Director, Deputy Director of City Commission by letter Zhou Xueming

Fashion Festival to be done "to help the new red" fashion promoter

"100 years ago, Ningbo 'red to help' tailor, by a ruler, a pair of scissors out of the means of living. 21st century, 'red to help' descendants more than a tailor's creative pen, tradition and innovation in create a road leading to the world of fashion. "Zhou Xueming said, Ningbo International Fashion Festival was held for 15 years, much can be said that the" new red gang "fashion promoter.

1998, Zhou Xueming depth of involvement and gradually took over the full year's Fashion Festival organizers. Wind and rain for 15 years, Zhou Xueming mixed feelings, he said, Ebb Tide only see gold, currently Younger, Shanshan, Romon, Pacific birds, Bo-yang, the obvious romantic enterprise, Ningbo apparel brand Macedonian phalanx shape, But to send a combined fleet strength of this even stronger, but also a more harmonious development of the brand and more new brands to add.

Zhou Xueming said this year's CHIC first set of "women's fashion museum," creating many new brands in women's show, children's clothing brand has also formed local brand development team get together, have their own brand children's clothing business with more than 20. Ningbo garment industry men, women and children go hand in hand, a balanced development pattern is gradually formed.

Fashion Festival to present "creative Ningbo Oriental Seduction" as its theme, the creative design in an important position. Zhou Xueming said that in the current production costs, exchange rate changes in circumstances, need to "smile curve" both ends of the upgrade, one end is the creative and design, the other end of the market and marketing, both of which should be strengthened.

This year's Fashion Festival, scheduled 25 games brilliant brand serves the activities, the purpose is to give clothing companies, designers provide learning opportunities for exchanges, but also want the company to expand the influence of the clothing brand to attract consumers. Fashion Festival was also held during the creative design for the upstream and downstream channels link the professional development activities, which are for industry service.

"Fashion Festival to be done 'to help the new red' fashion push hands." Zhou Xueming said Fashion Festival are relying on industry, service industry, to upgrade the industry, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading as the main goal, make a fuss around the industry. Reporters Xue Zhi Yi


The 15th Ningbo CHIC come to an end

The 15th Ningbo CHIC concluded yesterday afternoon, according to preliminary statistics, CHIC has attracted more than 50 countries from around the world and regions, 20 provinces (municipalities), autonomous regions and over 10,000 domestic and foreign buyers and customers will purchase, negotiate the number of visitors reached 60,000 people.

CHIC 2200 exhibition booths, grouped eight exhibition, 392 companies from home and abroad, 316 brands participating. Through the "Sino-British Exhibition," a group of British experts will work with some of the Ningbo garment industry garment enterprises to develop technology and design fields. "Cross-border purchase order will be" double the size of this year, from 21 countries and regions, 75 high-quality textile and apparel buyers and Jian Te clothing Co., Ltd., 110 enterprises had hundreds of games, "one on one" discussion.

CHIC fashion taste more and more concentrated, 3 days at 19 games Fashion Show, the highest CHIC record, packed every game. This service at Bo, "2011 Best Chinese clothing e-commerce model city," the honorary title of Whispering Ningbo, Bo Yang's also become the "2011 China Top Ten apparel e-commerce services demonstration unit" one.

The most exciting is that CHIC active, many companies rewarding experience. Huayi Garments received $ 500,000 in orders; Morningstar received from customers in Hong Kong U.S. $ 0.9 million T-shirts intention to order, $ 1.0 million Italian customers sweaters intention to order; Pokka Japanese customers received 150,000 Hosiery socks sets orders, amounting to $ 125,000 ... ...

It is reported that the 16th Ningbo International Fashion Fair 2012 October 25 to 28 at. (Author: Xue Zhi Yi as Xu Yan Yu)

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