Plate and frame filter press and handling emergency situations
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       Emergency situation and frame filter press process is as follows:

Plate and frame filter press release or spill plate failure analysis: plate and frame filter press is to provide the hydraulic system pressure, when the increase in the oil chamber when the piston oiling A left movement, pressure plate to make it airtight. When the oil chamber B increased oiling the piston moves to the right, plate filter press release.

Solution: there is a common failure pressure hydraulic filter and hydraulic cylinder could not advance to keep inappropriate. Cause can not keep up the pressure of the main reasons oil, O-ring wear, and the solenoid valve does not work, etc., commonly used approach is to remove and check the valves, replace O-rings, clean or replace check valve solenoid valve.

Filter press is a hydraulic cylinder is clearly inappropriate to promote the air is sealed inside, and then you can as long as the exhaust system, and generally can be solved quickly.

Plate and frame filter press plates or even go the wrong fell walking slowly to the failure analysis: sometimes as guide rod grease, stains and frame filter press plates can lead to too much walking slow, or even go the wrong fell.

Solution: This time is necessary to clear up guide rod, and coated with butter, to ensure its lubricity.

The point to note is strictly prohibited in the guide rod wiping light oil, because the light oil off the bottom is very easy to slip, maintenance personnel can easily fall in this operation, resulting in personal injury accident.

Plate and frame filter press plates appear grooves failure analysis: the use of filter plate after a few years, for some reason, making the corner to flush out some of the grooves. Grooves occur, it will rapidly expand, until the impact on the formation of filter cake.

Solution: 1, clean grooves, leakage of fresh faces to be used a small saw blade so clean-up 2, black and white Putty allocation ratio of 1:1 is good 3, the deployment of a good putty applied to the grooves on the painted slightly higher 4, quickly set a good filter cloth, filter press plates squeeze together to make putty stick together and filter cloth, and squeeze flat groove 5, squeeze some time, stick natural rubber molding, does not change, then we can normally use.

Plate and frame filter press cake form or form is not a uniform failure analysis: cause or uneven frame filter press cake do not form there are many reasons for inadequate material or too thin, or have blockage will cause this the phenomenon. For these reasons for failure to thin the investigation, and ultimately find the exact problem, and symptomatic and treatment to solve the problem.

Solution: increase feeding, adjusting the process, improve feeding, clean or replace filter cloth filter cloth, clean place to plug, clean the feed hole, cleaning drainage holes, clean or replace the filter cloth, increase the pressure or the pump power, low voltage start, constantly pressurized and other methods.

Plate and frame filter press frame damage failure analysis: filter plate itself caused the causes of damage are: 1, filter press plates clean without a net, sometimes causing media leakage, once the leak, the edge of the frame will be washed out of a ditch to a small, medium large number of leaks caused by pressure can not be increased, the cake can not be formed. 2, if the flow of exports to be solid blocked or closed for the start valve or a valve, pressure leak nowhere, so as to cause damage. 3, for inadequate material or compound containing inappropriate for solid particles, the same frame itself will cause damage that too much force. 4, when the mud is too thick or dry-block left, it will result in feeding the mouth of the plug, then there is no medium between the plate filter press only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself, this time by the plate itself, as long pressure can easily cause damage.

Solution: 1, the use of nylon cleaning scraper, remove the inlet of the mud 2 to complete the cycle, reducing the filter plate volume 3, check the filter cloth, drain cleaning, inspection export, open the valve , the release pressure of 4, carefully clean plate, fix filter plate.

Plate and frame filter press frame between the seepage failure analysis: the reasons causing water seepage between the frame 1, frame 2 low hydraulic filter press, frame filter cloth on the cloth folds and holes 3, plate box filter sealing surface lumps.

Solution: plate and frame filter press frame between the seepage approach is relatively simple, as long as the corresponding increase in hydraulic pressure, replace the nylon scraper clean cloth or use a sealed surface lumps on it.