Multi-effect distilled water machine
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      Multi-effect distilled water machine (spiral structure) is an equipment for producing sterile water for injection in the pharmaceutical industry ,which is widely used in pharmaceutical (flood fluid, blood products, injections, etc ), food, beverage,electronices and other Industries.Compliance with the latest Chinese Pharmacopoeia and International Pharmacopoeia requirements such beverages and use the advanced technology from Italy, Finland, the United States and other countries to optimize the design, water (not cold water consumption), energy-saving, energy saving, emission reduction effect are remarkable.In addition,it has a high degree of automation, automatic type as long as press a button,the inlet, outlet, discharge of unqualified water, detection can be done automatically and each data can be saw at a glance,realizeing the remote automatic control.It has many advantages such as advanced structure, superior performance,stable operation , convenient operation and so on.>