The brand,market and network of Yongquan pharmaceutical equipment have been upgraded
               "永" Yongquan pharmaceutical equipment" always adheres to the " all-round adapt to and meet market" operating principles, firmly establishs the" market is superior,order is an order " of the marketing concept, and constantly optimizes the product structure, besides,sales network is being perfected,。As a result,the domestic market share has been increasing steadily and the share of exports is increasing year by year, Germany, Egypt, Brazil, Vietnam, India, Estonia,Indonesia and many other countries and regions are very positive about the health, energy-saving, environmentally friendly products of " Yongquan pharmaceutical equipment"
            After-sales service
     First, the service concept
          Production of quality products, service and satisfaction
     Second, the service objectives
          Zero defect products, services, zero worries, zero user complaints; from the design, the details start to the satisfaction 。
     Third, the service commitment
          1、During the warranty period, such as quality problems, "Yongquan pharmaceutical equipment" free for the user repair, replacement products
          2、Operation of investment products, to establish service files, and maintains a
technical user, to help users determine the operational status of goods
          3、If the user needs, "Yongquan pharmaceutical equipment" can be sent to the site
based on the actual situation to help users of the product equipment
installation, testin
          4、Standing on the user's position to meet user requirements